Vin Elegance Brand + Website
Narratif Design is a bilingual, strategy-driven creative agency offering a wide variety of tailored and emotionally captivating design, branding and photography services crafted together to communicate your unique story. Founder and Creative Director, Tarik Koivisto, has over 25 years of experience designing and creating aspirational brands.
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Vin Elegance Brand + Website

Branding, Creative Direction, Web Design
About This Project

Creative Director, Tarik Koivisto, worked 1:1 with Vin Elegance founder, Tara Abernethy, to create a brand, collateral and web site that represented Tara’s expertise and consulting services in helping her clients discover wines from the world’s finest terroirs.

Vin Elegance helps clients, from amateur wine enthusiasts to sommeliers: discover, experience and collect small estate, elegant wines from the world’s finest terroirs. Vin Elegance specializes in importing rare and small production fine wines from France to clients in the Pacific Northwest. Founded by Tara Abernethy, a passionate fine wine-lover and bilingual French culture expert, Tara offers dynamic wine consulting, wine journalism, collection building and educational tutored tastings. The branding and web site needed to be professional yet reflect, Tara’s passion and dynamic and personable style.

Creative Direction, Branding, Content Strategy, Positioning Logo, Business Cards, Web Site Design: Tarik Koivisto
Client: Vin Elegance