Jiva Logo Designs
Narratif Design is a bilingual, strategy-driven creative agency offering a wide variety of tailored and emotionally captivating design, branding and photography services crafted together to communicate your unique story. Founder and Creative Director, Tarik Koivisto, has over 25 years of experience designing and creating aspirational brands.
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Jiva Logo Designs

Branding, Creative Direction, ID/Logo Design
About This Project

Creative Director, Tarik Koivisto, was hired to freshen up the Jiva Creative Agency brand and logo design.

Client Jiva Creative is a dynamic interactive agency located in a hip, startup district in tech-savvy Oakland, California. Tarik Koivisto, Creative Director, was hired to freshen up the agency’s branding and logo design.

The new logo designs offered must include one iteration of the existing logo, plus 3-4 new strategic design directions incorporating the newly refined brand personality and the meaning associated with the name Jiva itself. Tarik’s design concepts included exploring the following concepts: energy in infinite measure, the animator of the elements, and life force.

Brand adjectives: Modern yet Approachable; Bold, Colorful; Fun yet Professional; Expert yet Personable; Reliable referencing the meaning behind the word “Jiva” while offering a metaphor for the “tech-savvy, future thinking” strengths of the team.

This is a prime example of the range of divergent design concepts and solutions, Tarik presents during the logo design phase of a project.

Brand Strategy, Logo Design: Tarik Koivisto


Client: Jiva Creative