Luxe Provence Escape 21
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Luxe Provence Escape 21

Creative Direction, Fashion Design, Photography, Storytelling
About This Project

Creative Director, Fashion Designer & Photographer, Tarik Koivisto, designed and shot the Luxe Provence Escape 2021 campaign in beautiful Cassis.

The Luxe Provence Escape Collection played upon the months of Covid-induced confinement and featured vacation and seaside imagery in resort wear silhouettes designed to escape the harsh past few months. Fashion design, creative direction, brand photoshoot and social media campaign content was taken by Tarik Koivisto featuring French model and actress, Louise Pascal. The campaign included a social media video one-shot take of Louise swimming in the Mediterranean Sea in stunning Cassis in her Luxe Provence linen dress.

Creative Direction, Fashion Design, Video & Photography: Tarik Koivisto

Client: Luxe Provence
Venue: Aix-en-Provence
French Model/Actress/HMUA: Louise Pascal