Interprize Group Brand + Website
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Interprize Group Brand + Website

Branding, Content, Creative Direction, ID/Logo Design, Naming/Tagline, Storytelling, Web Design
About This Project

Creative Director, Tarik Koivisto, worked with client Bill Magill to shape and visually define the Interprize Group brand strategy, visual design and communications.

The Interprize Group’s mission is to help post-core career individuals achieve their greatest ambitions. Founder, Bill Magill, a reformed former venture capitalist and MBA professor in entrepreneurship was seeking to start a launch a more meaningful career himself, while also aiding seasoned professionals to identify and leave a meaningful legacy by pursing their true passions. The Interprize Group offered 1:1 support in entrepreneurship, mindfulness and life coaching and positive psychology, along with a dynamic mentorship community element. Tarik created the new Interprize brand, tagline, web site and communications launching this innovative new service offering along with an online membership platform to allow for mentorship, community engagement throughout the program and beyond.

¬†The new logo logo design communicated the brand’s core mission to combine passion and entrepreneurship with a dynamic, personalised and mindful approach designed to leave a legacy.

Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Logo, Responsive Web Site Design, Business Cards: Tarik Koivisto 

Client: Bill Magill, Interprize Group

San Francisco Bridge Image: Ramiro Checchi